Mesotherapy with lasers is a new concept in Hungary. It has been introduced in America, Switzerland, Germany and England in bigger institutions that work with only the most recent and the most advanced technology of the highest quality which have the most remarkable and noticeable results, eliminating any risks. The laser and electroporation treatment helps insert and work with more intensive substances, overtaking the older mesotherapeutic treatments.
The MESO I LASER treatment has been developed in a way that the process excludes pain using only the greatest medical-cosmetic machinery so that the substances can be remarkably effective.
This produces a healing process within the cells and tissues which then in turn produces a reaction within the fibers, making them all the more efficent and helps them produce more collagen and renews the collagen process. The fibers’ treatment is very important because this produces the connective tissue and collagen, which plays a huge role in keeping the skin young.


This is an excellent way to avoid imflammation and this method has been developed in a way that it does not cause bleeding of any sort. The secret of the laser is it stimulates the cells in a way that it changes their metabolism and encourages them to work, all the while improving their performance. We also mainly recommend this after our derma-roller treatment because of its strong regenerative effect.


The laser therapy’s effect depends largely on the laser’s strength, the laser diode’s strength and the mediated energy. In MESO I LASER the rays are focused and are extremely effective which guarantees the improvement of the deep and surface tissue stock.


The laser therapy’s youth effect


Cosmetic, aesthetic application


The MESO I LASER mesotherapeutic treatment without needles produce excellent results. The electroporator’s effectiveness’s secret is that it opens up the channels within the cell membranes so that the substance can enter the cells without causing any pain or side effects. The cells then close up again and can continue their biological process completely refilled, so the mesotherapeutic
treatment works exactly where you need it to and produces remarkable and noticeable changes. If you choose this treatment, you will not be disappointed!


The laser therapy’s youth effect


Cosmetic, aesthetic application


When do people tend to choose this treatment?
Mostly during lifting and wrinkle treatment, but can also be used to treat inflammatory, rosacea and acne-prone skin.


Instructions before the treatment


Instructions after the treatment




Doctors have been using mesotherapeutic methods with needles for over 50 years
The original goal of this treatment was to heal diseases by inserting the right substances into the cells by placing them in the right place, however not all patients liked the idea of being poked with a needle and wanted to avoid any accidental bleeding or other side effects that could occur when using needles.
In 2003, two american doctors (Peter Agree and Roderick Mackinnon) received a Nobel Prize for their revolutionnary studies. They created the electroporator, which was proven to be even more effective than the needle. They made the protein and aquagel channels detectable. Thanks to their discovery they could create better substances that would react better within the cells, leading to an even greater result. Not only was this applicable to the outer skin layers, but in the deep tissues too. They made it easier to insert ionized and non-ioned, water-based and grease-based materials into the micro-channels in remarkable quantities. Until then none of the other treatments could do this.
Thanks to this amazing technology the substances can be insterted into the skin 0,2 to 0,8 cm in depth.


This method has even greater potential than most other techniques


The electroporation can be used in aesthetic ANTI-AGING treatments because the mesolift, mesocellulit, mesolipo, mesohair,
mesostria and mesopigment have become the most efficient technique. Nowadays cosmetics cannot offer a greater way to insert active
substances into the skin.

The perfect face rejuvenation solution
Scalpels and hyaluronic acid injection refills are not enough for the perfect face rejuvenation. Facial surgery will only alter the face’s shape, making it appear younger, however the skin can only be properly rejuvenated with our mesotherapeutic technique. Cell renewing and tissue regeneration can be achieved with our laser which doesn’t conclude any side effects and tightens the skin
painlessly and does not require the patient to be put to sleep. Thanks to today’s nanotechnology, the active substances can enter the cells in the desired area without any risks of side effects or pain.

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