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Make-Up Tattoo Contraindications:


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Make-Up Tattoo:

Filling in the guest card before the treatment is compulsory.

It contains important information about both the client and beauty ?

Here we keep a record of the date of your pigmentation treatments and the color of the tattoo.

By signing, the clients certify that they have been provided with sufficient information, are aware of the process and accept the selected color and shape.

During the consultation a skin peel will be placed on the client’s treated skin surface, which will ensure the removal of dead skin cells and will make the skin smoother.

After the anesthesia comes the drawing preceding the tattoo. This is the most time-consuming step of the tattoo process. It requires a lot of patience and precision on behalf of the cosmetician.

The professional will apply several techniques. This way you can easily determine how to get closer to your ideal beauty.

Afterwards we choose the pigment. When choosing the color, the guest’s hair, skin and eye color should be taken into account.

We advise a lighter shade of pigment because if the color isn’t right for you, you can always add a darker shade done if required.

Once you have chosen the color, we begin the tattooing process. We follow the inner arc of the drawing. When the contour of the tattoo is complete, we can start filling in the tattoo, whether it’s for your lips, eyelids or eyebrows.

For the perfect result, we need a lot of time, which is influenced by the client’s pain tolerance and how the skin responds to the pigment.

At the end of the process, it is very important that we disinfect and put cream on the treated skin areas.

After the pigmentation, the post-treatment or correction can be done after 21 days. The tattoo may be adjusted for up to 3 months, for a total of 70% of the original price.

After one year the intervention qualifies as a new tattoo, not a correction!

The makeup tattoo fades after 3-5 years because the pigment’s cells are constantly being divided as the skin peels away.


Eyebrow tattoo:

Primarily recommended for those who have no eyebrows or that are incomplete, sparse, asymmetric or have accident scars. Choosing the right arch is essential. A beautifully arched eyebrow shape catches the eye and rejuvenates your face.

Secondly the tattoo is recommended for those who, although happy with the line of their eyebrows, would like to emphasize the arch or correct it and are bored of using pencils or having them dyed.

The process lasts about 2 hours, and a scab will appear on the tattooed surface which will come off within 4-5 days. You mustn’t scratch or touch the scab, even if it itches!

During the correction, you can make your eyebrows longer or larger, depending on what the face requires.



Tribal eyebrow method:

This is the most striking technique in which the eyebrow’s shape is fully graphed.

This is recommended for those who would like to add a more characteristic look to their face.


Eyebrow shading technique:

Natural-looking eyebrows, assembled from eyebrow fibers. Applicable for both sparse and denser eyebrow shapes, perfect for filling gaps.


Upper and lower eyelid tattoo:

For those who wear makeup regularly, and feel naked when washing it off or just don’t have the patience to reapply their makeup every day. This is also perfect for women who have sparse eyelashes.

In addition, another color can be drawn above the line (ex: green, blue, purple, or shaded effects).

The process is the following. We discuss what kind of curve you would like, its thickness and shape. The tattoo is performed on the closed eye and if the tattoo is for both the upper and lower parts of the eye, the process lasts about 1.5 hours.

In this case, a scab is formed which will come off in approx. 4 days. Immediately after the tattoo the eyes swell, but will return to their normal form within 24 hours.


Eyelash intensifying on the upper lash line:

This treatment reinforces and brings out sparse or very light-colored eyelashes. A black or dark brown line is drawn between the eyelash bases.


Eyelash intensifying on the lower lash line:

This treatment reinforces and brings out sparse or very light-colored eyelashes. Several black or dark brown spots are placed in between the lower lashes.


Eyelash intensifying on the upper + lower lash line:

This treatment reinforces infrequent or light-colored lashes. A black or dark brown line is drawn on the upper eyelid in between the lashes and black or dark brown spots are placed in between the lashes on the lower lash line.


Eye contour on the upper eyelid:

 Highlights the gaze, and can correct the eye shape. We use colors that match the face and eyes.


Eye contour on the lower eyelid:

Emphasizes the eye shape and can also correct it if necessary. We use colors that match the face and eyes. 


Eye contour on the upper and lower eyelids:

Emphasizes the eye shape and can also correct it if necessary. We use colors that match the face and eyes.


Lip tattoo:

Brings out the lips and emphasizes the shape by giving them a stronger color and a lipstick-covered look. This is a very impressive process, because it not only corrects the shape of your lips, but also the lip color can be intensified, and lipstick becomes unnecessary. This process is very popular among women with thinner lips. This treatment is advised for women who don’t have lip contours due to herpes or due to hereditary causes. We take into account the color and type of your skin and lips when deciding on the shade of the tattoo. It is possible to choose from a variety of tones ranging from pale to intense. We advise a color that looks natural and doesn’t appear strange if you’re not wearing any make-up. Normally paler colors rejuvenate the face. Nowadays thick lip contours aren’t fashionable, so we advise more discrete colors.


The lip contour takes about 60 minutes, the half-shaded lip tattoo takes 1-2 hours, and the fully shaded lip tattoo takes 2-3 hours. The lips will swell after the lip shading, but they will return to their normal size the following day. The scab comes off after 3-4 days. For women with herpes we suggest a facial treatment before the tattoo, or a form of medicine to avoid herpes.



Emphasizes the beautiful and symmetric shape of your lips. For the past few years we have used pale colors. Dark lip contours aren’t fashionable.



In this case it is very important that the color of the tattoo matches the color of the lips, since only half of the lip is tattooed. The color of the pigment is more intense near the contour, and gradually becomes paler as it gets closer to the mouth. For those who aren’t satisfied with the width of their lips, this lip tattoo will make their lips appear wider or can correct their shape.


Full shading:

The entire surface of the lip is tattooed, so you can pick stronger colors for your lips. The shape of the lips can be corrected, enlarged, and the result is a beautiful lipstick-effect. Nowadays this is the most popular lip tattoo.

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