LPG treatment effects
• perfect treatment for the right tissue type
• body toning
• treats cellulite
• heals skin loosening
• releases tension from the muscles
• treats joint problems
• fixes tissue damages (burns, scars)
• improves the muscles’ performance
• effective in treating muscle, joint and spinal pains
• heals circulatory problems (edema, varicose veins)


Noticeable body toning:
The LPG body treatment’s goal is to tone the body, get rid of cellulite and flab.


The specially developed provide great treatments in cases of weight gain, edema, fatty and fibrous cellulite as well as quick regeneration after liposuction.


Body weight problems most of the time are the product of irregular, inadequate food consumption, poor physical activity and insuffiecient fluid intake. Because of this, the body begins to stock the fat cells which then begint to grow and then begin to put pressure on the blood and lymphatic vessels. The fat cells push away the skin, gradually slowing down the peripheric circulation, which then causes skin deficiencies to appear such as cellulite. These appear in specific regions (waist, hips, posterior, abdomen, thighs and arms) which are harder to get rid of even with intensive diets because the fat doesn’t go from where we want it to. In this case, Endermology is a solution we recommend which basically tones the body in a very visible way without interfering agressively. A french research group have developed a special conductor which helps remove the fat cells from the desired places. We examine the patient’s skin and connective tissue condition before the treatment to decide on the intensity of the massage and the right products.


During the treatment the guest wears a special body suit which ensures that the rollers move in the right way, and gives the guest some intimacy.

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