The derma-roller treatment produces two effects at once that, when together, form a noticeable and long-lasting difference.


1. Collagen production
Collagen is one of the connective tissue’s most important component since it is what makes the skin elastic. With age, the amount of collagen slowly disappears, causing wrinkles to appear.


The “damage” isn’t noticeable at all, however during the process the micro-needles make tiny wounds in the skin. This cannot be seen or felt because the “damage” is indeed very small. The wounds encourage the skin to heal itself in a natural way. The body begins to produce collagen and elastin, the two key substances of the skin. Because the “old” collagen hasn’t been removed, the
“new” collagen is added to the old.


Because this process is completely natural, the skin continues to produce collagen months after the treatment.
The collagen production depends on the individual’s age, the length of the needle, the person’s diet and their general condition.
However, we can assure you that after the treatment changes will be very noticeable.


2. Active substances’ insertion, the right depth and to the right cells

Derma-roller is a new and effective technique to stimulate the skin and collagen production, inserting the active substances in the right depth and to the right cells.
The skin’s job is to protect our body from any threats, this is why creams applied to the outer layer of the skin won’t be as effective as they only enter the deeper layers in much smaller quantities. However, the wounds break down this barrier, allowing way more substances to enter the deeper layers of the skin, thus producing a much more satisfying result. The micro-needles create
sterile channels for the active substances. These channels close up spontaneously within an hour.
The right substances can produce the perfect effect. We offer a starter pack at an affordable price with a free course.

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