3D Eyelashes

Using up-to-date technology, we have found a new method to thicken eyelashes with a more natural effect. This new process has become very popular because it both lengthens and thickens the lashes, bringing out the gaze. It is very similar to real lashes, made of a soft material, in different lengths and curves so everyone can find the lashes suitable for them. We put each lash on, individually using special medical adhesive, which ensures that the lashes only fall off when the rest do naturally. These lashes mix in with your own so you can’t tell the difference and they look so natural.  We place about 80 lashes on each eye.


The lashes are weightless, so you can’t feel them, and they are water, tear and sweat-proof. You can go swimming in them, shower, and they don’t get damaged during sleep. Your own lashes won’t be damaged either, even if you get them done on a regular basis. The lashes last 1-2 months, but their maximum span is the same as your own lashes.

The adhesive doesn’t touch your skin, so there is no chance of allergic reactions.


This lash lengthening is for you if:

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