hair styling

Keratin Hair Extension

The hair densifying via artifical hair clipping with heat technique: During the heat insertion, we first seperate the locks of hair, then insert the artificial hair lock by lock, then secure the new hair with a heated keratin treatment to ensure that your hair stays long and beautiful. Kertin is very hair and skin-friendly. For this treatment, 10 cm is a good length for your hair, so this hair treatment is also recommended for short haired women. This is the perfect solution if you would like to densify or lengthen your hair.


The hair insertion:
The hair that we use is strictly 100% of human origin. The hair insertion is done with a keratin stick and the place where the two hairs meet can barely be felt and cannot be distinguished. The look of your hair remains natural. This treatment shows great possibiliteein the world of hair densifying and lengthening.


The hair lasts about 2-4 months. When the time period ends, the hair needs to be removed and then reinserted.

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