Hair Dyeing

Here in Le Salon we work with L’Oreal products. We recommend various dyes depending on our customer’s preferences.


One of L’Oreal’s basic dyes, it feeds the hair fibres. Majirel result: intense color, glossy hair all the way to the end and covering up 100% of grey.


One of L’Oreal’s professional Dialight dyes. It is recommended for women who only want a slight change and don’t have much grey hair. Glossy and bright colors ensured. There are over a hundred color combinations you can choose from.

INOA – the hair dye of the Future

Brought to Hungary three years ago, INOA has been very successful.  The secret of this technique is that instead of a water-base, we use oil-based dyes, so they are less harmful.

During INOA hair coloring the dye doesn’t have a strong smell and it protects the hair and scalp. We also recommend this dye for women with grey hair since the dye has been proved to cover up 100% . As of now we have 62 different colors, all the way from basic colors to bright reds and platinum blondes.

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